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Consequences of changing biodiversity
Human alteration of the global environment has triggered the sixth major extinction event in the history of life and caused widespread changes in the global distribution of organisms. These changesExpand
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Biodiversity management in the face of climate change: A review of 22 years of recommendations
Abstract Climate change creates new challenges for biodiversity conservation. Species ranges and ecological dynamics are already responding to recent climate shifts, and current reserves will notExpand
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Viewing invasive species removal in a whole-ecosystem context
Eradications of invasive species often have striking positive effects on native biota. However, recent research has shown that species removal in isolation can also result in unexpected changes toExpand
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Restoration through reassembly: plant traits and invasion resistance.
One of the greatest challenges for ecological restoration is to create or reassemble plant communities that are resistant to invasion by exotic species. We examine how concepts pertaining to theExpand
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High plant diversity is needed to maintain ecosystem services
Biodiversity is rapidly declining worldwide, and there is consensus that this can decrease ecosystem functioning and services. It remains unclear, though, whether few or many of the species in anExpand
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Severity of the effects of invasive rats on seabirds: a global review.
Invasive rats are some of the largest contributors to seabird extinction and endangerment worldwide. We conducted a meta-analysis of studies on seabird-rat interactions to examine which seabirdExpand
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Harnessing nature to help people adapt to climate change
2. From sea-level rise to heightened hurricane activity, longer and more frequent droughts and floods, and acidification of the world’s oceans, lives and livelihoods will be increasingly challenged 3Expand
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A global review of the impacts of invasive cats on island endangered vertebrates
Cats are generalist predators that have been widely introduced to the world’s ~179 000 islands. Once introduced to islands, cats prey on a variety of native species many of which lack evolvedExpand
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Grassland Responses to Global Environmental Changes Suppressed by Elevated CO2
Simulated global changes, including warming, increased precipitation, and nitrogen deposition, alone and in concert, increased net primary production (NPP) in the third year of ecosystem-scaleExpand
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Additive effects of simulated climate changes, elevated CO2, and nitrogen deposition on grassland diversity
Biodiversity responses to ongoing climate and atmospheric changes will affect both ecosystem processes and the delivery of ecosystem goods and services. Combined effects of co-occurring globalExpand
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