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Deviant Lifestyles and the Reporting of Physical Victimization to Police
  • E. Zavala
  • Psychology
  • Journal of Family Violence
  • 2009
This study examines the role that deviance plays in reducing the willingness of victims of violence to report to the authorities. Using data from several thousand individuals in the United States,Expand
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The Role of Vicarious and Anticipated Strain on the Overlap of Violent Perpetration and Victimization: A Test of General Strain Theory
Numerous studies have documented a relationship between criminal offending and violent victimization. That is, people who commit criminal behavior are also more likely to be victimized. As such,Expand
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The Influence of Early Strain on Later Strain, Stress Responses, and Aggression by Police Officers
Research has established policing as one of the most stressful occupations and that work-induced strain can lead to various criminal and negative outcomes. This study extends existing literature inExpand
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Dynamic simulation and control of direct rotary dryers
Adaptive and conventional control of a direct rotary dryer has been assessed through simulations. Expand
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When the Cop Is the Victim: A Test of Target Congruence Theory on Intimate Partner Violence Victimization Experienced by Police Officers
  • E. Zavala
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of interpersonal violence
  • 1 September 2020
This study analyzed data from the Police Stress and Domestic Violence in Police Families in Baltimore, Maryland, 1997-1999 (N = 753) to examine propositions derived from target congruence theory inExpand
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Applying Differential Coercion and Social Support Theory to Police Officers’ Misconduct
ABSTRACT The goal of this study is to test differential coercion and social support theory on police officers’ misconduct. Data from the Police Stress and Domestic Violence in Police Families inExpand
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Testing the Link Between Child Maltreatment and Family Violence Among Police Officers
The purpose of this study is to document the relationship between physical abuse during childhood and family violence among a group of police officers from the Baltimore Police Department in theExpand
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The purpose of this study is to examine the role of economic resources, status compatibility, and alcohol consumption on forms of nonphysical abuse, such as controlling and emotional abuse.Expand
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Why is Family Violence Lower Among Mexican Immigrants? The Protective Features of Mexican Culture
Although immigrants tend to be less involved in crime than the native-born, less is known about whether immigration is protective regarding family violence and, if so, why. This is especiallyExpand
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The Importance of Social Support and Coercion to Risk of Impulsivity and Juvenile Offending
The current study provides a comprehensive test of differential social support and coercion (DSSC) theory of crime as proposed by Colvin, Cullen, and Vander Ven. DSSC suggests that socialExpand
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