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Advances in Parabolic Trough Solar Power Technology
Parabolic trough solar technology is the most proven and lowest cost large-scale solar power technology available today, primarily because of the nine large commercial-scale solar power plants thatExpand
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Parabolic-trough solar collectors and their applications
This paper presents an overview of the parabolic-trough collectors that have been built and marketed during the past century, as well as the prototypes currently under development. It also presents aExpand
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Applied research concerning the direct steam generation in parabolic troughs
Abstract With levelized electricity costs (LEC) of 10–12 USCts/kWh the well-known SEGS (Solar Electric Generating Systems) plants in California are presently the most successful solar technology forExpand
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Control concepts for direct steam generation in parabolic troughs
Abstract A new prototype parabolic-trough collector system was erected at the Plataforma Solar de Almeria (PSA) (1996–1998) to investigate direct steam generation (DSG) in a solar thermal power plantExpand
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The DISS Project: Direct Steam Generation in Parabolic Trough Systems. Operation and Maintenance Experience and Update on Project Status
The DISS (DIrect Solar Steam) project is a complete R+TD program aimed at developing a new generation of solar thermal power plants with direct steam generation (DSG) in the absorber tubes ofExpand
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INDITEP: The first pre-commercial DSG solar power plant
This paper presents the conceptual design of the first solar power plant using Direct Steam Generation (DSG) in a parabolic-trough solar field. Experience and know-how in the DSG process acquiredExpand
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Modeling direct steam generation in solar collectors with multiphase CFD
The direct steam generation in parabolic-trough solar collectors, using water as heat-transfer fluid, is an attractive option for the economic improvement of parabolic trough technology for solarExpand
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Direct steam generation in parabolic troughs: Final results and conclusions of the DISS project
This paper presents a summary of the main results and conclusions achieved in the DISS (Direct Solar Steam) project. The test facility implemented at the Plataforma Solar de Almeria (PSA) in 1997–8,Expand
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Optical and thermal performance of large-size parabolic-trough solar collectors from outdoor experiments: A test method and a case study
This article presents an outdoor test method to evaluate the optical and thermal performance of parabolic-trough collectors of large size (length ≥ 100 m), similar to those currently installed inExpand
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