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Combined U-Pb SHRIMP and Hf isotope study of the Late Paleozoic Yaminué Complex, Rio Negro Province, Argentina : implications for the origin and evolution of the Patagonia composite terrane
Abstract We have carried out zircon U-Pb SHRIMP dating and Hf isotope determinations on a biotite paraschist and on a tonalitic orthogneiss of the Yaminue Complex, and re-evaluate this complex in theExpand
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Crustal lineament control on magmatism and mineralization in northwestern Argentina: geological, geophysical, and remote sensing evidence
Abstract The relationship between long-lived deep crustal lineaments and the locations of magmatic centers and associated mineral deposits has been investigated in the Puna region of northwesternExpand
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The southern segment of the Famatinian magmatic arc, La Pampa Province, Argentina
Abstract The present study led to the identification of a largely hidden southern segment of the Famatinian magmatic arc in the province of La Pampa, south-central Argentina. The arc is representedExpand
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Geophysical Evidence for Terrane Boundaries in South-Central Argentina
Abstract The geological interpretation of high-resolution aeromagnetic data over the La Pampa province, in central Argentina, in addition to lower resolution magnetic information from the region ofExpand
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Recursos Minerales de la República Argentina
Fil: Zappettini, Eduardo O. Servicio Geologico Minero Argentino (SEGEMAR). Instituto de Geologia y Recursos Minerales; Argentina.
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Hoja Geológica 2566-I San Antonio de los Cobres
Fil: Blasco, Graciela. Ministerio de Economia. Subsecretaria de Mineria. Servicio Geologico Minero Argentino (SEGEMAR); Argentina.
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The Rhyacian El Cortijo suture zone: Aeromagnetic signature and insights for the geodynamic evolution of the southwestern Rio de la Plata craton, Argentina
Abstract The amalgamation of the southern Rio de la Plata craton involves two possibly coeval Rhyacian sutures associated with the Transamazonian orogeny, rather than a single one as previouslyExpand
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Quantitative Mineral Resource Assessment of Copper, Molybdenum, Gold, and Silver in Undiscovered Porphyry Copper Deposits in the Andes Mountains of South America
Quantitative information on the general locations and amounts of undiscovered porphyry copper resources of the world is important to exploration managers, land-use and environmental planners,Expand
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Identification and isotopic studies of early Cambrian magmatism (El Carancho Igneous Complex) at the boundary between Pampia terrane and the Río de la Plata craton, La Pampa province, Argentina
Abstract We have identified late Early Cambrian metaigneous rocks very poorly exposed at the Estancia El Carancho, in central La Pampa province, Argentina. They comprise calc–alkaline metadiorite andExpand
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Delimitación de los terrenos tectonoestratigráficos de la región centro-austral Argentina: evidencias aeromagnéticas
La interpretacion de datos aeromagneticos de alta resolucion en la Provincia de La Pampa sumados a informacion magnetica de baja densidad en los ambitos de las Cuencas Neuquina y del Colorado,Expand
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