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Fungal Planet description sheets: 469–557
Novel species of fungi described in this study include those from various countries as follows: Australia: Apiognomonia lasiopetali on Lasiopetalum sp., Blastacervulus eucalyptorum on EucalyptusExpand
The morphology, biology, and geography of a necrotrophic basidiomycete Athelia arachnoidea in Belarus
The most dense populations of A. arachnoidea were associated with places having considerable air pollution — roadsides and tree plantations in towns, and production of sclerotia was observed mainly outside such areas. Expand
Three new species of Hyphodontia with peg-like hyphal aggregations
Three new taxa of Hyphodontia (Basidiomycota) are provided, one of which is placed close to Schizopora paradoxa, but the two species are distinct in terms of morphology. Expand
Clarification of Lyomyces sambuci complex with the descriptions of four new species
Four species of Lyomyces (Hymenochaetales, Basidiomycota) are described as new for science, based on collections from Réunion Island, southeast Brazil, and Taiwan, and molecular data reveal one additional cryptic species from Europe. Expand
Phylogenetic and morphological studies in Xylodon (Hymenochaetales, Basidiomycota) with the addition of four new species
Xylodon (Hymenochaetales, Basidiomycota) is the largest segregate genus of Hyphodontia s.l., and Palifer and Odontiopsis are synonymised under Xylodon based on morphological and sequence data. Expand
A key to the species of Hyphodontia sensu lato
A dichotomous key to all currently accepted species of Hyphodontia in the broad sense is presented, which includes taxa which were published under preliminary names and some taxas which require taxonomic clarification. Expand
"Hyphodontia Juniperi" (Basidiomycota) Newly Recorded from China
刺柏絲齒菌("Hyphodontia juniperi")首次發現於中國吉林省、河北省和北京市。本文並討論刺柏絲齒菌的分佈,以及它與殼絲齒菌("H. crustosa")生態與形態的差異。經由貝葉氏導出式分析核糖體內轉錄間隔區(ITS region)序列,結果顯示刺柏絲齒菌與殼絲齒菌屬於同一個複合種。需要更多標本納入研究,始能區別這兩種。