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Emotion Knowledge as a Predictor of Social Behavior and Academic Competence in Children at Risk
It is argued that the ability to detect and label emotion cues facilitates positive social interactions and that a deficit in this ability contributes to behavioral and learning problems.
Meta-analysis of intellectual and neuropsychological test performance in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.
Findings indicate that overall cognitive ability is significantly lower among persons with ADHD and that FSIQ may show as large a difference between ADHD and control participants as most other measures.
Patterns and correlates of agreement between parent, teacher, and male adolescent ratings of externalizing and internalizing problems.
Caregiver depression and stress correlated with higher disagreement with other informants about all criteria, and factors appear to increase disagreement about the level of problems but not about specific symptom patterns.
A meta-analytic review of the influence of pediatric cancer on parent and family functioning.
This study used meta-analytic methods to compare the functioning of parents of children with cancer to parents of physically healthy children or normative samples. A meta-analysis using fixed
A primer on receiver operating characteristic analysis and diagnostic efficiency statistics for pediatric psychology: we are ready to ROC.
  • E. Youngstrom
  • Psychology, Medicine
    Journal of pediatric psychology
  • 1 March 2014
This study illustrates a series of steps in defining a clinical problem, operationalizing it, selecting a valid study design, and using ROC analyses to generate statistics that support clinical decisions using a popular parent checklist to assess for potential mood disorder.
Validation of proposed DSM-5 criteria for autism spectrum disorder.
ADHD and Achievement
A meta-analysis of the published literature since 1990 to determine the magnitude of achievement problems associated with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and the impact of moderator variables on ADHD and achievement found student ratings were as predictive as parent ratings.
Brain lateralization of emotional processing: historical roots and a future incorporating "dominance".
To better appreciate the strength and direction of experienced emotions, it is recommended that state "dominance" be evaluated in the context of asymmetrical activation of left-frontal (dominance) versus right- frontal (submission) brain regions.
Family instability and the problem behaviors of children from economically disadvantaged families.
Results showed direct concurrent relations between family instability and preschool children's externalizing behavior in the context of other family process variables, relations between subsequent family stability and 1st-grade children's internalizing behavior (i.e., with preschool behavior ratings controlled), and an effect for persistent instability across grade.
The International Society for Bipolar Disorders (ISBD) task force report on antidepressant use in bipolar disorders.
A consensus was reached on 12 statements on the use of antidepressants in bipolar disorder, and antidepressants should be prescribed only as an adjunct to mood-stabilizing medications.