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Direct observation of calcium-independent intercellular ATP signaling in astrocytes.
It is discovered that extracellular ATP mediates intercellular calcium wave propagation, but surprisingly, release and propagation of ATP are not calcium dependent, and ATP rather than Ca or IP3 is the primary inter cellular signaling messenger. Expand
Use of mass spectrometry for imaging metabolites in plants.
Recent advances that have been made to image the distribution of metabolites among cells and tissues of plants using different mass spectrometry technologies are discussed and illustrated, and it is anticipated that advances in the next few years will increase the resolving power of the technology to provide unprecedented data on the Distribution of metabolites at the subcellular level. Expand
Separation of nanorods by density gradient centrifugation.
By analysing the force balance of a Brownian rod falling in a Stokes flow, a rigorous and predictive model is derived that reveals the quantitative dependency of the nanorod sedimentation rates on their mass and shape. Expand
Differences in the chemical reactivity of individual molecules of an enzyme
The observation of reactions of individual molecules of lactate dehydrogenase, which produces NADH from lactate and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, finds that the activity of individual electrophoretically pure enzyme molecules can vary by up to a factor of four, and that these activities remain unchanged over a two-hour period. Expand
Three dimensional orientational imaging of nanoparticles with darkfield microscopy.
The complete three-dimensional orientations of single gold nanorods (AuNR) were successfully resolved by using a standard optical darkfield microscope through deciphering the field distributionExpand
Pattern recognition by audio representation of multivariate analytical data
We present an objective recipe, based on the statistical distribution of data on each axis in k-dimensional space, for audio display of multivariate analytical data. Each measurement in the dataExpand
Isolation and characterization of R-phycoerythrin subunits and enzymatic digests.
Favorable spectroscopic and structural properties of R-PE subunits and enzymatic digests, even under denaturing conditions, make these molecules suitable for use as fluorescence labels for biomolecules. Expand
Optical Monitoring of Laser-Induced Plasma Derived from Graphite and Characterization of the Deposited Carbon Film
Mechanisms of the deposition of carbon thin films by the laser ablation of graphite were investigated by monitoring the plasma emission. Parameters such as electron density, ionization temperature,Expand
A matrix for DNA separation: genotyping and sequencing using poly(vinylpyrrolidone) solution in uncoated capillaries.
  • Q. Gao, E. Yeung
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Analytical chemistry
  • 25 February 1998
It is shown that D1S80 and amelogenin sex determination system can be baseline separated as double-stranded DNA, and vWF, TH01, TPOX, and CSF1PO short tandem repeats can be separated with single-base resolution as single-strander DNA in this new matrix. Expand
High-spatial and high-mass resolution imaging of surface metabolites of Arabidopsis thaliana by laser desorption-ionization mass spectrometry using colloidal silver.
In the application to roots, the high spatial resolution allowed molecular MS imaging of secondary roots and the high mass resolution allowed direct identification of lipid metabolites on root surfaces and their chemical images could be separately constructed. Expand