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Skin capacitance imaging, a new technique for investigating the skin surface.
Thanks to the recently introduced silicone image sensor technology, skin capacitance imaging has now been made possible. The dedicated device is called SkinChip. This method is easy to handle andExpand
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Revisiting dandruff
Dandruff is a common scalp disorder affecting almost half of the postpubertal population of any ethnicity and both genders. It may, however, represent a stubborn esthetical disturbance often sourceExpand
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Electrometric assessment of the effect of a zinc oxide paste in diaper dermatitis
Diaper dermatitis affects nearly 50% of infants as well as some bed‐ridden adults particularly in the elderly people. This condition is induced by irritation and maceration, and may be furtherExpand
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Facing up to the imperceptible perspiration. Modulatory influences by diabetic neuropathy, physical exercise and antiperspirant
Background: Sweating is variably altered by physical exercise, diabetic neuropathy and antiperspirants.
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Chitin–glucan, a natural cell scaffold for skin moisturization and rejuvenation
Two clinical studies were conducted to evaluate the tolerance and effects of a copolymer of chitin and beta‐glucan, forming the exoskeleton of fungal cell walls, now supplied for cosmeticExpand
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Skin capacitance imaging and corneosurfametry. A comparative assessment of the impact of surfactants on stratum corneum
Silicon image sensor (SIS) technology was recently introduced as an innovative tool (SkinChip®, L'Oréal) providing sensitive imaging of the skin capacitance. This method can detect discrete focalExpand
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Skin capacitance mapping of psoriasis
Background  The pathobiological dynamics of psoriatic lesions are complex and difficult to perceive by clinical inspection alone. Non‐invasive bioengineering methods may prove to be useful in thisExpand
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The Skin Landscape Following Nonoptical Capacitance Imaging
Skin capacitance is an electrical property measurable at the level of the stratum corneum. Values are related to the moisture content of the tissue. Using the silicon image sensor technology, it hasExpand
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Kinetics of moisturizing and firming effects of cosmetic formulations
The assessment of cosmetic efficacy is rarely performed in studies comparing different concentrations of active compounds. The aim of the present study was to determine the skin hydrating and theExpand
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Patterns of aluminum hydroxychloride deposition onto the skin
Background: Aluminum hydroxychloride (AlCl3) is an antiperspirant.
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