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Enhanced expression in tobacco of the gene encoding green fluorescent protein by modification of its codon usage
A comparison of GFP production in transgenics with the wild-type and the synthetic gFP gene under the control of the enhanced CaMV 35S promoter showed that the large-scale alterations in the gfp gene increased the frequency of high expressors in the transgenic population but hardly changed the maximum GFP concentrations.
Draft Genome Sequence of the Oleaginous Green Alga Tetradesmus obliquus UTEX 393
The first draft whole-genome shotgun sequencing of T. obliquus is reported, which comprises 108,715,903 bp with over 1,368 scaffolds and is considered a promising green microalgae for sustainable production of diverse compounds, including biofuels.
Precision gels from collagen-inspired triblock copolymers.
Rec recombinant gelatin-like polymers with a general design that inherently offers independent tuning of the cross-link density, melting temperature, and biocompatibility of the gel are described.
Monascus ruber as cell factory for lactic acid production at low pH.
Germination of Bacillus cereus spores adhered to stainless steel.
Simultaneous mutagenesis of multiple sites: application of the ligase chain reaction using PCR products instead of oligonucleotides.
A method is described for preparing mutants with multiple, site-directed mutations by ordered coupling of PCR-generated fragments catalyzed by a thermostable DNA ligase to contain the desired restriction sites introduced by way of the mutagenic primers.