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Musical Training Shapes Structural Brain Development
The human brain has the remarkable capacity to alter in response to environmental demands. Training-induced structural brain changes have been demonstrated in the healthy adult human brain. However,Expand
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The origins and ends of giftedness.
  • E. Winner
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • The American psychologist
  • 2000
Five issues about giftedness are discussed. First, the origins of giftedness are explored. The view that giftedness is entirely a product of training is critiqued. There is indirect evidence forExpand
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Why not say it directly? The social functions of irony
In three experiments, we investigated the social payoffs of speaking ironically. In Experiment 1, participants rated videotaped ironic remarks (criticisms and compliments) as funnier than literalExpand
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Acquired `theory of mind' impairments following stroke
The ability to attribute thoughts and feelings to self and others ('theory of mind') has been hypothesised to have an innate neural basis and a dedicated cognitive mechanism. Evidence in favour ofExpand
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The getting of wisdom: theory of mind in old age.
Theory of mind, the ability to attribute mental states, has been little explored beyond the early school years. Yet, later development, including possible patterns of breakdown, has importantExpand
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Practicing a Musical Instrument in Childhood is Associated with Enhanced Verbal Ability and Nonverbal Reasoning
Background In this study we investigated the association between instrumental music training in childhood and outcomes closely related to music training as well as those more distantly related.Expand
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Gifted Children: Myths And Realities
Nine Myths About Giftedness Globally Gifted: The Children Behind the Myth Unevenly Gifted, Even Learning Disabled Artistic and Musical Children The IQ Myth The Biology of Giftedness Giftedness andExpand
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Mute those claims: No evidence (yet) for a causal link between arts study and academic achievement
In the American educational climate of today, "basic" academic skills are valued while the arts are considered a frill. Many major urban school districts have cut back on arts education in order toExpand
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Distinguishing Lies from Jokes: Theory of Mind Deficits and Discourse Interpretation in Right Hemisphere Brain-Damaged Patients
Right-hemisphere brain damaged (RHD) patients and a normal control group were tested for their ability to infer first- and second-order mental states and to understand the communicative intentionsExpand
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Muting the Meaning A Social Function of Irony
According to the tinge hypothesis, the evaluative tone of the literal meaning of ironic utterances automatically colors the hearer's perception of the intended meaning. In Experiment 1, participantsExpand
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