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Vegetius, epitome of military science
The only Latin art of war to survive, Vegetius' Epitome was for long a part of the medieval prince's military education. The core of his proposals, the maintenance of a professional standing army,Expand
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Judas Maccabaeus: The Jewish Struggle Against the Seleucids.
List of illustrations Transliteration of Hebrew Acknowledgements Prologue Part I. Historical Evaluation: 1. Introduction 2. The number of combatants on each side 3. The armament and tacticalExpand
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The Chronology of Corbulo in Armenia
Soon after the young Nero assumed the purple in 54, word of a new Armenian crisis arrived in Rome. Recruitment to bolster the eastern legions and other defensive measures were immediately orderedExpand
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The Army and the Limes in the East
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Unusual expression of the Hu paraneoplastic antigen in the visual system.
The Hu paraneoplastic antigen is an RNA binding protein important in the development and maintenance of neurons. Hu has homology with the product of Elav, a gene that is essential for DrosophilaExpand
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Salt Tolerance of Australian Channel Millet
Undomesticated plant species may be a valuable resource for increasing crop diversity and developing crops for use in semiarid and saline areas. Australian channel millet (Echinochloa tumeranaExpand
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