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Perry's Legacy: Models of Epistemological Development
This paper compares the different ways that intellectual development has been described by W. Perry (1970) and M. Belenky, B. Clinchy, N. Goldberger, and J. Tarule (1986); M. Baxter Magolda (1992);Expand
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Ethnic Conflict and the Rise and Fall of Ethnic Newspapers
Contemporary research on collective action claims that organizations play a central role in facilitating many kinds of collective actions. We reverse the causal link and ask whether ethnic conflictExpand
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School Desegregation, Interracial Exposure, and Antibusing Activity in Contemporary Urban America
Prior research emphasized either resource mobilization or grievance explanations of antibusing activity. This article argues that both explanations imply that racial competition generated collectiveExpand
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Organization Building in the Wake of Ethnic Conflict: A Comparison of Three Ethnic Groups
  • E. West
  • Political Science
  • 1 June 1995
L'A. etudie les publications a caractere ethnique et plus particulierement la presse de certaines populations immigrees aux Etats-Unis. Il examine les sentiments a l'endroit du pays d'origine et lesExpand
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Cooper and Crummell: Dialogics of Race and Womanhood
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Extraordinary measures : Afrocentric modernism and twentieth-century American poetry
This broad overview by an established poet and cultural critic reveals the rich tapestry of African American poetry as it has emerged over the past century. From early 20th-century writings toExpand
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Biography and the Black Atlantic ed. by Lisa A. Lindsay and John Wood Sweet (review)
These two works come at a strategic moment. Latin American independence processes are under evaluation by historians who pose the important question of eighteenthcentury precedents to independenceExpand
Book Review: Black Power TV, by Devorah HeitnerBlack Power TV. HeitnerDevorah. Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2013. 190 pp. $22.95 pbk.
Black Power TV. Devorah Heitner. Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2013. 190 pp. $22.95 pbk.This engaging study examines the emergence of black public-affairs television programs during the lateExpand
Immigration and ethnic conflict and protest: historical and contemporary patterns.
This paper explores how national conditions and city characteristics affected the rate of ethnic collective action in the US in 2 periods almost a century apart. The 1st period from 1877 through 1889Expand
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