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Relative risk of spread of symptoms among the focal onset primary dystonias
Adult‐onset primary torsion dystonia (PTD) may spread to multiple body parts, but the relative risk of spread by site of onset of dystonia has not been well characterized. We retrospectivelyExpand
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Structural and Electronic Properties of Pt13 Nanoclusters on Amorphous Silica Supports
An accurate description of metal nanoparticle (NP)–support interactions is required for designing and optimizing NP catalytic systems because NP–support interactions may significantly impact NPExpand
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Guidelines for the Management of Extremely Premature Deliveries: A Systematic Review
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Available data on survival rates and outcomes of extremely low gestational age (GA) infants (22–25 weeks’ gestation) display wide variation by country. Whether similarExpand
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Parental Decision-Making Preferences in Neonatal Intensive Care.
OBJECTIVE To explore how characteristics of medical decisions influence parents' preferences for control over decisions for their seriously ill infants. STUDY DESIGN In qualitative interviews,Expand
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Packaging Jewishness: Novelty and Tradition in Kosher Food Packaging
Many packaged food companies construct their product identities using mythological tropes as a means to link their products with a particular idea. By linking their product to notions of tradition,Expand
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Characteristics Associated With Preferences for Parent-Centered Decision Making in Neonatal Intensive Care
Importance Little is known about how characteristics of particular clinical decisions influence decision-making preferences by patients or their surrogates. A better understanding of the factorsExpand
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Un-cross-linked fibrin substrates inhibit keratinocyte spreading and replication: correction with fibronectin and factor XIII cross-linking.
Wound repair is characterized by the presence of a fibrin-rich matrix, but the effect of fibrin on re-epithelialization remains unclear. In this study, we determined the effects of different fibrinExpand
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From “Longshot” to “Fantasy”: Obligations to Pediatric Patients and Families When Last-Ditch Medical Efforts Fail
Clinicians at quaternary centers see part of their mission as providing hope when others cannot. They tend to see sicker patients with more complex disease processes. Part of this mission is offeringExpand
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Action and Uncertainty in Neonatal Intensive Care
ISSN: 1526-5161 (Print) 1536-0075 (Online) Journal homepage: http://www.tandfonline.com/loi/uajb20 Action and Uncertainty in Neonatal Intensive Care Elliott Mark Weiss & David A. Munson To cite thisExpand
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Promoting Informed Decision Making for Comparative Effectiveness Randomized Trials.
The US Code of Federal Regulations governing human participants research requires that investigators disclose reasonably foreseeable risks of a research study to prospective participants during theExpand
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