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HDAC8 mutations in Cornelia de Lange Syndrome affect the cohesin acetylation cycle
Cornelia de Lange syndrome (CdLS) is a dominantly inherited congenital malformation disorder, caused by mutations in the cohesin-loading protein NIPBL for nearly 60% of individuals with classicalExpand
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Sororin Is Required for Stable Binding of Cohesin to Chromatin and for Sister Chromatid Cohesion in Interphase
Sister chromatid cohesion depends on cohesin [1-3]. Cohesin associates with chromatin dynamically throughout interphase [4]. During DNA replication, cohesin establishes cohesion [5], and this processExpand
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Human Scc4 Is Required for Cohesin Binding to Chromatin, Sister-Chromatid Cohesion, and Mitotic Progression
BACKGROUND Sister-chromatid cohesion depends on the cohesin complex whose association with chromatin is mediated by Scc2 and Scc4 in budding yeast. Both cohesin and Scc2 have been conserved fromExpand
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The cohesin complex is required for the DNA damage‐induced G2/M checkpoint in mammalian cells
Cohesin complexes mediate sister chromatid cohesion. Cohesin also becomes enriched at DNA double‐strand break sites and facilitates recombinational DNA repair. Here, we report that cohesin isExpand
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Sororin pre‐mRNA splicing is required for proper sister chromatid cohesion in human cells
Sister chromatid cohesion, which depends on cohesin, is essential for the faithful segregation of replicated chromosomes. Here, we report that splicing complex Prp19 is essential for cohesion in bothExpand
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Broadening of cohesinopathies: exome sequencing identifies mutations in ANKRD11 in two patients with Cornelia de Lange‐overlapping phenotype
Cornelia de Lange syndrome (CdLS) and KBG syndrome are two distinct developmental pathologies sharing common features such as intellectual disability, psychomotor delay, and some craniofacial andExpand
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Contribution of hCAP-D2, a Non-SMC Subunit of Condensin I, to Chromosome and Chromosomal Protein Dynamics during Mitosis
ABSTRACT Condensins are heteropentameric complexes that were first identified as structural components of mitotic chromosomes. They are composed of two SMC (structural maintenance of chromosomes) andExpand
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Dynamic Estrogen Receptor Interactomes Control Estrogen-Responsive Trefoil Factor (TFF) Locus Cell-Specific Activities
ABSTRACT Estradiol signaling is ideally suited for analyzing the molecular and functional linkages between the different layers of information directing transcriptional regulations: the DNA sequence,Expand
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Gene regulation and chromatin organization: relevance of cohesin mutations to human disease.
Consistent with the diverse roles of the cohesin complex in chromosome biology, mutations in genes encoding cohesin and its regulators are found in different types of cancer and in developmentalExpand
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Multiple roles of Condensins: a complex story
Summry— Condensins are pentameric complexes that were initially described as being involved in the dynamics of chromosomes during mitosis. It has been recently established that two related complexesExpand
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