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Problem-oriented policing in violent crime places: A randomized controlled experiment
Over the past decade, problem-oriented policing has become a central strategy for policing. In a number of studies, problem-oriented policing has been found to be effective in reducing crime andExpand
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Problem-Oriented Policing, Deterrence, and Youth Violence: An Evaluation of Boston's Operation Ceasefire
Operation Ceasefire is a problem-oriented policing intervention aimed at reducing youth homicide and youth firearms violence in Boston. It represented an innovative partnership between researchersExpand
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Coercive mobility and crime: A preliminary examination of concentrated incarceration and social disorganization
This article explores how incarceration affects crime rates at the neighborhood level. Incarceration is analyzed as a form of residential mobility that may damage local network structures andExpand
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White-Collar Crime and Criminal Careers
1. White collar crime and criminal careers 2. Dimensions of official criminal careers 3. Crimes of crisis and opportunity 4. Chronic offenders 5. Prison sanctions and criminal careers 6.Expand
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White Collar Crimes and Criminals
The commission of wrongs through fraud as well as through force is as old as human society. Although the concept of white collar crime did not come into use in our own society until Sutherland coinedExpand
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White-Collar Crime and Criminal Careers: Some Preliminary Findings
The criminal career paradigm has become an increasingly important perspective in the study of street crimes, but it has generated little interest among scholars concerned with white-collarExpand
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It is generally argued that white-collar criminals will be particularly influenced by punishment policies. White-collar crime is seen as a highly rational form of criminality, in which the risks andExpand
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Class, Status, and the Punishment of White‐Collar Criminals
The treatment of white-collar offenders by the criminal justice system has been a central concern since the concept of white-collar crime was first introduced In general, it has been assumed thatExpand
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The Official Joomla! Book
The Official Joomla! Book is the authoritative and comprehensive Joomla! reference for every administrator, developer, designer, and content manager. Distilling the unsurpassed experience of twoExpand
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Poisoning in the Elderly: Characterization of Exposures Reported to a Poison Control Center
Objective: To determine the incidence of poison center calls involving the elderly, characterize these poisonings, and compare them with poisonings that occur in people younger than 60 years of age.
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