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Remote Patient Management for Home Dialysis Patients
Economic Evaluation of Urgent-Start Peritoneal Dialysis Versus Urgent-Start Hemodialysis in the United States
Urgent-start PD may offer a cost saving approach for the initiation of dialysis in eligible patients requiring an urgent-start to dialysis.
Urinary Podocyte Loss Is Increased in Patients with Fabry Disease and Correlates with Clinical Severity of Fabry Nephropathy
Increased podocyturia is confirmed in Fabry disease, even when proteinuria and albuminuria are absent, and potentially may be of prognostic value.
Catheter Insertion and Perioperative Practices Within the ISPD North American Research Consortium
There is marked variability in PD catheter insertion techniques and perioperative management, and large multicenter studies are needed to determine associations between these practices and catheter and patient outcomes.
Dasatinib-induced nephrotic-range proteinuria.
A patient with chronic myelogenous leukemia who developed nephrotic-range proteinuria after initiation on dasatinib therapy that resolved after changing therapy to imatinib is presented.
Telehealth for Home Dialysis in COVID-19 and Beyond: A Perspective From the American Society of Nephrology COVID-19 Home Dialysis Subcommittee
Dialysis providers, clinicians, nurses and patients describe their telehealth experiences and challenges they encountered, exposing healthcare disparities in areas such as access to care, bandwidth connectivity, devices to perform telehealth, and socioeconomic and language barriers.
Home Dialysis Utilization Among Racial and Ethnic Minorities in the United States at the National, Regional, and State Level
There is near universal under-representation of AA and Hispanics in the home dialysis population, while Asians and Other demonstrate more interregional and interstate variability.
Imatinib: novel treatment of immune-mediated kidney injury.
The potential mechanisms whereby tyrosine kinase inhibitors may modulate the immune response and inhibit fibrogenesis are reviewed and the current evidence for their use in the treatment of autoimmune diseases of the kidney is discussed.