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Maize yellow stripe1 encodes a membrane protein directly involved in Fe(III) uptake
It is shown that ys1 is a membrane protein that mediates iron uptake, and is an important step in understanding iron uptake in grasses, and has implications for mechanisms controlling iron homeostasis in all plants. Expand
Arabidopsis Yellow Stripe-Like2 (YSL2): a metal-regulated gene encoding a plasma membrane transporter of nicotianamine-metal complexes.
Arabidopsis YSL2 (At5g24380) transports iron and copper when these metals are chelated by nicotianamine (NA), an iron chelator that is structurally similar to PS and which is found in all higher plants. Expand
Mutations in Arabidopsis Yellow Stripe-Like1 and Yellow Stripe-Like3 Reveal Their Roles in Metal Ion Homeostasis and Loading of Metal Ions in Seeds1
Two members of the Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana) Yellow Stripe-Like (YSL) family are described and the proposed physiological roles for YSL1 and YSL3 are in delivery of metal micronutrients to and from vascular tissues. Expand
Disruption of OsYSL15 Leads to Iron Inefficiency in Rice Plants1[C][W][OA]
Roles for OsYSL15 in Fe uptake and distribution in rice plants are demonstrated and the promoter fusion to β-glucuronidase showed that it was expressed in all root tissues when Fe was limited. Expand
Time to pump iron: iron-deficiency-signaling mechanisms of higher plants.
Transcription factors belonging to the basic helix-loop-helix, ABI3/VP1(B3), and NAC families appear to function either directly or indirectly in the upregulation of iron deficiency responses. Expand
Expression profiling of genes involved in paclitaxel biosynthesis for targeted metabolic engineering.
The preference for one side of the biosynthetic pathway branch in early taxane synthesis is revealed, where transcripts coding for TalphaH are abundant after elicitation with MJ but transcripts encoding the two enzymes for the alternative branch (TDAT and T10betaH) are not highly expressed following elicitation. Expand
Successful Reproduction Requires the Function of Arabidopsis YELLOW STRIPE-LIKE1 and YELLOW STRIPE-LIKE3 Metal-Nicotianamine Transporters in Both Vegetative and Reproductive Structures1[W][OA]
It is demonstrated that although these three YSL transporters are closely related and have similar patterns of expression, they have distinct activities in planta, in particular, neither AtYSL1 nor AtY SL2 is able to functionally complement the reproductive defects exhibited by ysl1ysl3 double mutant plants. Expand
Yellow Stripe1. Expanded Roles for the Maize Iron-Phytosiderophore Transporter1
The data provide no support for the idea that YS1 is a transporter of zinc-PS, based on YS2 biochemical activity and Ys1 mRNA expression patterns in response to zinc deficiency, and expression data suggest that the copper-PS uptake has limited significance in primary uptake of copper. Expand
Glutamine synthetase genes of pea encode distinct polypeptides which are differentially expressed in leaves, roots and nodules.
We have characterized the distinct polypeptides, primary translation products and mRNAs encoding glutamine synthetase (GS) in the various organs of pea. Western blot analysis of soluble protein hasExpand
Identification of senescence-associated genes from daylily petals
Six cDNAs, whose levels increase during petal senescence, were isolated and sequenced and designated DSA3, 4, 5, 6, 12 and 15, which are members of gene families and all but DSA5 and DSA6 have one to three other very similar genes. Expand