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Biological invasion of European tomato crops by Tuta absoluta: ecology, geographic expansion and prospects for biological control
The tomato leafminer Tuta absoluta (Meyrick) (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae) is a devastating pest of tomato originating from South America. After its initial detection in eastern Spain in 2006, itExpand
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An insect-specific P450 oxidative decarbonylase for cuticular hydrocarbon biosynthesis
Insects use hydrocarbons as cuticular waterproofing agents and as contact pheromones. Although their biosynthesis from fatty acyl precursors is well established, the last step of hydrocarbonExpand
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Genetic variation in patch time allocation in a parasitic wasp
1. The intra-patch experience acquired by foraging parasitoid females has often been considered to have a strong influence on their tendency to leave a patch, and thus on their total patch residenceExpand
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Patch leaving decision rules and the Marginal Value Theorem: an experimental analysis and a simulation model.
The patch exploitation strategy of females of the insect parasitoid Trichogramma brassicae was studied on patches containing different proportions of hosts that were previously attacked byExpand
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Effects of within- and among-patch experiences on the patch-leaving decision rules in an insect parasitoid
The present study aimed to address how an insect parasitoid makes patch-departure decisions from various types of host patches and how previous patch experiences in the environment modify thisExpand
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A comparative analysis of patch-leaving decision rules in a parasitoid family.
The proximate behavioural rules adopted by parasitoid females to manage their foraging time on patches of hosts were studied, under standardized laboratory conditions, in different species (andExpand
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Volatile and Contact Chemicals Released by Nezara viridula (Heteroptera:Pentatomidae) Have a Kairomonal Effect on the Egg Parasitoid Trissolcus basalis (Hymenoptera: Scelionidae)
The responses of females of the egg parasitoid Trissolcus basalis (Wollaston) (Hymenoptera: Scelionidae) to volatile and contact chemicals from its host Nezara viridula (L.) (Heteroptera:Expand
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From biological control to invasion: the ladybird Harmonia axyridis as a model species
Foreword: H.E. Roy, E.W. Wajnberg. 1. Harmonia axyridis in Europe: spread and distribution of a non-native coccinellid: P.M.J. Brown et al. 2. Bad side of a good beetle: the North American experienceExpand
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Optimal patch time allocation for time-limited foragers
The Charnov Marginal Value Theorem (MVT) predicts the optimal foraging duration of animals exploiting patches of resources. The predictions of this model have been verified for various animalExpand
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