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Invisible Experiences: Understanding the Choices and Needs of University Students with Dependent Children.
This paper analyses the results of a research project on the experiences and learning needs of students with dependent children in a 1960s university. The findings are based on semi‐structured
What Makes Lectures ‘Unmissable’? Insights into Teaching Excellence and Active Learning
This research explores ‘teaching excellence’ by examining the perceptions of geography academics and students at Brunel University as to what makes a lecture ‘unmissable’. The findings from 10
Discourses of Integration and Exclusion: Equal Opportunities for University Students with Dependent Children?
Despite the growth and diversification of the student population, many British universities are still organised to cater for young students without caring responsibilities. Drawing on feminist
Parents in higher education: impacts of university learning on the self and the family
Intra‐ and inter‐generational social mobility have been implicit to a wide range of UK Government policies aimed at promoting social inclusion through a focus on education and employability. Framed
Why educational research should not just solve problems, but should cause them as well
As we move into the second year of our tenure as editors of the British Educational Research Journal, we offer some reflections on the state of educational research in the UK and beyond, particularly
Women, work–life balance and quality of life: case studies from the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland
In this editorial we introduce the key themes explored by the articles that make up this themed section on ‘Women, work–life balance and quality of life’. As a collection, the articles emphasise the
Family learning and the socio-spatial practice of ‘supportive’ power
Family learning has been an important mode of education deployed by governments in the United Kingdom over the past 20 years, and is positioned at the nexus of various social policy areas whose focus
Education, parenting and family: The social geographies of family learning
This paper is based on project funded through a British Academy small research grant SG42092
The training-to-work trajectory: pressures for and subversions to participation in the neoliberal learning market in the UK
The UK government has emphasised the role of lifelong learning in eradicating social exclusion and improving productivity and the skills base. With a neoliberal rationale that normalises economic