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Pharmacokinetics, N1-glucuronidation, and N4-acetylation of sulfa-6-monomethoxine in humans.
Sulfamonomethoxine (S) is metabolized by O-dealkylation, N4-acetylation, and N1-glucuronidation. In humans, only N1-glucuronidation (12%) and N4-acetylation (36%) takes place. The N1-glucuronide isExpand
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The role of plasma protein binding on the metabolism and renal excretion of sulphadimethoxine and its metabolite N4-acetylsulphadimethoxine in pigs.
The effects of plasma protein binding on the elimination of sulphadimethoxine (SDM) were examined after intravenous administration of 6.25, 12.5, 25, 50, 100 and 150 mg/kg to pigs. At an early stageExpand
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Novel oxidative pathways of sulphapyridine and sulphadiazine by the turtle Pseudemys scripta elegans.
The sulphonamides sulphapyridine and sulphadiazine show novel hydroxy metabolites in the turtle Pseudemys scripta elegans. In the excreta of the turtles the monohydroxy metabolites 4-hydroxy- andExpand
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Comparison of the metabolism of four sulphonamides between humans and pigs.
Pigs are unable to form N1-glucuronides of sulphadimethoxine and sulphamethomidine, while humans are able to do so. Pigs and humans are able to oxidise sulphapyridine and form the O-glucuronide. TheExpand
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O-Dealkylation and N4-acetylation of sulpha-2-monomethoxine by the turtle Pseudemys scripta elegans.
Sulpha-2-monomethoxine is N4-acetylated to an extent of 12% of the dose by Pseudemys scripta elegans; 48% is excreted unchanged. No O-dealkylation of the 2-methoxy group takes place.
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Oxidation and acetylation of sulfamonomethoxine by the snail Cepaea hortensis.
Sulfamonomethoxine is not O-demethylated in the snail Cepaea hortensis, but acetylated (15.2%) and oxidised (0.78%) at the 2 position of the pyrimidine nucleus.
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High pressure liquid chromatographic analysis and preliminary pharmacokinetics of sulfaphenazole and its N2-glucuronide and N4-acetyl metabolites in plasma and urine of man
A direct high pressure liquid chromatographic analysis of sulfaphenazole-N2-glucuronide in urine is described. After an oral dose of 439 mg of sulfaphenazole, 0% is excreted unchanged in the urine, <Expand
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o-Dealkylation and acetylation of sulfamethomidine by the snail Cepaea hortensis.
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Pharmacokinetics, N1-glucuronidation and N4-acetylation of sulfadimethoxine in man
Sulfadimethoxine is metabolized byO-dealkylation, N4-acetylation and N1-glucuronidation. In man, only N1-glucuronidation and N4-acetylation takes place, leading to the final double conjugateExpand
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