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A revision of the Indo-West Pacific fossil and Recent species of Murex s.s. and Haustellum (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Muricidae)
The Indo-West Pacific species of Murex and Haustellum are revised and several species heretofore included in Murex s.s. are transferred to Haustellum, which is recognised as a separate genus. In all,
Variation in the Genus Orthaulax (Mollusca: Gastropoda)
A study of approximately 750 specimens of Orthaulax gabbi Dall, from the Chipola Formation of northwestern Florida, reveals a high degree of variation in the spire height, spire angle, and nature of
An Overview of the Chipola Formation, Northwestern Florida
The Alum Bluff Group of northwestern Florida includes four "formations" - the Chipola, Oak Grove, Shoal River, and Hawthorn units (Fig. I). Of these, the Chipola and Oak Grove are believed, on the
Large Phymatoderma in pliocene slope deposits, northwestern Ecuador: Associated ichnofauna, fabrication, and behavioral ecology
Phytnatoderma is a complex, branching biogenic structure that is seldom mentioned in the ichnologic literature, although it may have been misidentified recently as “Zonarites” and large pellet‐filled
Cenozoic Muricidae of the Western Atlantic Region Part IV - Hexaplex and Murexiella
This report covers two closely related genera of Muricinae, Hexaplex and Murexiella, including the subgenera Hexaplex (Murexsul) and Murexiella (Subpterynotus), in the Cenozoic of the western
The Genus Harpa (Mollusca: Gastropoda) in the New World
The nassarioid gastropod genus Trajana s.s. includes those species with a closed siphonal canal and a circular aperture, surrounded by a raised peristome. There are but four species in the fossil
Notes on the Fauna of the Chipola Formation- XXX: On the Presence of Eudolium (Galeodolium) Subfasciatum Sacco (Gastropoda: Tonnidae)
In the exposures of the Chipola Formation along Tenmile Creek, Calhoun County, Florida, we have taken a number of specimens of a genus hitherto unreported in the fossil record of the Western