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The 2014 ALMA Long Baseline Campaign: First Results from High Angular Resolution Observations toward the HL TAU Region
We present Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) observations from the 2014 Long Baseline Campaign in dust continuum and spectral line emission from the HL Tau region. The continuumExpand
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A warm layer in Venus' cryosphere and high-altitude measurements of HF, HCl, H2O and HDO
Venus has thick clouds of H2SO4 aerosol particles extending from altitudes of 40 to 60 km. The 60–100 km region (the mesosphere) is a transition region between the 4 day retrograde superrotation atExpand
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The ALMA Frontier Fields Survey. I. 1.1 mm continuum detections in Abell 2744, MACS J0416.1-2403 and MACS J1149.5+2223
Context. Dusty star-forming galaxies are among the most prodigious systems at high redshift (z > 1), characterized by high star-formation rates and huge dust reservoirs. The bright end of thisExpand
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Involvement of BAG3 and HSPB7 loci in various etiologies of systolic heart failure: results of a European collaboration assembling more than 2,000 patients
HAL is a multi-disciplinary open access archive for the deposit and dissemination of scientific research documents, whether they are published or not. The documents may come from teaching andExpand
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The ALMA Frontier Fields
Rechutes schizophréniques : corrélation entre événements de vie et réhospitalisation
Resume Dans la schizophrenie, la rechute jalonne l’evolution de la maladie. Les rechutes schizophreniques entrainant une hospitalisation sont marquees par l’arret du traitement. Or, cette raisonExpand
Trente ans de progrès en psychiatrie
A travers le survol de l’evolution de la psychiatrie de ces 30 dernieres annees, les auteurs tentent de montrer qu’au-dela de decouvertes locales, les avancees temoignent plus de la pressionExpand
The Explosion in Orion-KL as Seen by Mosaicking the Magnetic Field with ALMA
We present the first linear-polarization mosaicked observations performed by the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA). We mapped the Orion-KLeinmann-Low (Orion-KL) nebula usingExpand
A kpc-scale-resolved study of unobscured and obscured star formation activity in normal galaxies at z = 1.5 and 2.2 from ALMA and HiZELS
We present Atacama Large Millimeter/Submillimeter Array (ALMA) continuum observations of a sample of nine star-forming galaxies at redshifts 1.47 and 2.23 selected from the High-z Emission LineExpand