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Fusion rules and modular transformations in 2D conformal field theory
We study conformal field theories with a finite number of primary fields with respect to some chiral algebra. It is shown that the fusion rules are completely determined by the behavior of theExpand
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Matrix string theory
Via compactification on a circle, the matrix mode] of M-theory proposed by Banks et a]. suggests a concrete identification between the large N limit of two-dimensional N = 8 supersymmetric Yang-MillsExpand
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Elliptic Genera of Symmetric Products and Second Quantized Strings
Abstract: In this note we prove an identity that equates the elliptic genus partition function of a supersymmetric sigma model on the N-fold symmetric product of a manifold M to the partitionExpand
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String Propagation in a Black Hole Geometry
Abstract We consider string theory in the background of the two-dimensional black hole as described by the SL(2, R )/U(1) coset theory recently untroduced by Witten. We study the spectrum of thisExpand
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A Black Hole Farey Tail
We derive an exact expression for the Fourier coefficients of elliptic genera of Calabi-Yau manifolds. When applied to k-fold symmetric products of K3 surfaces the expression is well-suited toExpand
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Emergent Gravity and the Dark Universe
Recent theoretical progress indicates that spacetime and gravity emerge together from the entanglement structure of an underlying microscopic theory. These ideas are best understood in Anti-de SitterExpand
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Topological strings in d < 1
We calculate correlation functions in minimal topological field theories. These twisted versions of N = 2 minimal models have recently been proposed to describe d < 1 matrix models, once coupled toExpand
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On the Holographic Principle in a Radiation Dominated Universe
The holographic principle is studied in the context of a $n+1$ dimensional radiation dominated closed Friedman-Robertson-Walker (FRW) universe. The radiation is represented by a conformal fieldExpand
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Counting Dyons in N =4 String Theory
Abstract We present a microscopic index formula for the degeneracy of dyons in four-dimensional N = 4 string theory. This counting formula is manifestly symmetric under the duality group, and itsExpand
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The operator algebra of orbifold models
We analyze the chiral properties of (orbifold) conformal field theories which are obtained from a given conformal field theory by modding out by a finite symmetry group. For a class of orbifolds, weExpand
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