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Spatial and temporal variation of fish assemblages in a coastal lagoon of the Biosphere Reserve La Encrucijada, Chiapas, Mexico.
Results suggest that spatial and temporal distribution of fish assemblages are determined by differences in the regimes of salinity and transparency, primarily driven by freshwater input from rivers. Expand
Bothriocephalus acheilognathi (Cestoda) in the endangered fish Profundulus hildebrandi (Cyprinodontiformes), Mexico.
The data presented in this paper document the successful introduction, colonization and establishment of this alien species into the endangered P. hildebrandi in Chiapas, Mexico. Expand
Validity and Redescription of Profundulus balsanus Ahl, 1935 (Cyprinodontiformes: Profundulidae).
A combination of morphometric, meristic, coloration and osteological data is used in order to demonstrate the distinctiveness of P. balsanus and provide a taxonomic key to all Mexican species of Profundulus. Expand
Threatened fishes of the world: Profundulus hildebrandi Miller, 1950 (Profundulidae)
This research project is implementing a research project on the biology of P. hildebrandi, to develop a management plan to protect the entire habitat, using the killifish as a flag species. Expand
Fishes of the Grijalva River basin of Mexico and Guatemala
This checklist of fishes recorded in the Grijalva River basin based on surveys performed from 2002 to 2015 includes three range expansions ( Profundulus hildebrandi, Poecilia sphenops and Paraneetroplus hartwegi). Expand
Length‐weight relationships for 32 fish species in the Grijalva River Basin, México
Summary Length-weight relationships were estimated for 32 species belonging to 11 fish families from the Grijalva River, Mexico. For 24 of the species, the length-weight relationships areExpand
Peces nativos contra introducidos en una pesquería tropical Desde su composición nutrimental
The introduction of exotic species is unjustified considering that they compete with species with equal or superior nutritional values, and there are no significant differences among species protein composition. Expand
Effect of conservation of fish in formalin and ethanol on length‐weight relationships and condition factor in Tlaloc labialis (Günther, 1866)
Summary The effect of the preserver on the length-weight relationship and condition factor were estimated using 50 specimens of Tlaloc labialis; a small stream fish from the Grijalva River basin,Expand
The invasive tapeworm Bothriocephalus acheilognathi Yamaguti, 1934 in the endangered killifish Profundulus candalarius Hubbs, 1924 in Chiapas, Mexico.
The most important features of the data presented here include the confirmation that B. acheilognathi can reproduce in Mexico and a continuous recruitment of cestodes within the host population, as well as a nearly continuous growth and maturation of the parasites to adults. Expand
Conservation status of the San Christóbal pupfish Profundulus hildebrandi Miller (Teleostei: Profundulidae) in the face of urban growth in Chiapas, Mexico
Although its population size is apparently large, its very restricted distribution, its shrinking habitat and the increasing risk factors provide justification to consider P. hildebrandi as an endangered fish, according to the Mexican Official Norm and the Red Book of the IUCN. Expand