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News Agencies in Post-Communist Russia
The transformation of Russian news agencies occurred within the general framework of perestroika and the ongoing economic, political and social turmoil of Russian society. This article focuses on theExpand
Constructing ourselves through constructing others
This commentary article on ‘Constructing the “Other”: Construction of Russian Identity in the Discourse of James Bond Films’ (Lawless 2014) attempts to analyze how media become the instruments forExpand
Corporate transformation of the Russian mass media
Since 1991, the print and audiovisual industries in Russia have undergone several changes. Powerful media enterprises are emerging. This article gives an overview of ownership structures in theExpand
Russian Journalism Education: Challenging Media Change and Educational Reform
The article presents a general picture of higher education institutions offering journalism undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs located in different parts of the Russian Federation.Expand
The Russian network society
Multimedia Strategies for FM Radio Stations in Moscow
Development of digital technologies gives the media an opportunity to provide on a single platform multiple types of content and distribute that content through various digital devices. ThisExpand
The media and the individual: economic and psychological interrelations
Having become an essential part of the modern economy in the postindustrial world, the media have inevitably also become one of the most profitable and powerful industries. Their political, social,Expand