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Random fields, analysis and synthesis
This book brings together existing and new methodologies of random field theory and indicates how they can be applied to these diverse areas where a "deterministic treatment is inefficient and conventional statistics insufficient." Many new results and methods are included. Expand
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Simulation of random fields via local average subdivision
A fast and accurate method of generating realizations of a homogeneous Gaussian scalar random process in one, two, or three dimensions is presented. The resulting discrete process represents localExpand
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Properties of Spectral Moments with Applications to Random Vibration
It is shown that many important reliability measures related to stationary random motion require the knowledge of two spectral parameters which depend on the first few moments of the reduced spectralExpand
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Stochastic Variation of Earthquake Ground Motion in Space and Time
Consideration of the spatial as well as temporal variation of earthquake ground motions may be important in the design of structures with spatially extended foundations and lifeline systems. In thisExpand
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Reliability of Earth Slopes
A probabilistic approach to three-dimensional limit equilibrium slope stability is presented. Failure events involving long or very short failure zones are shown to be highly improbable. TheExpand
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First Passage of Nonstationary Random Processes
A two-state Markov process for barrier passage statistics provides a more realistic model than the traditional Poisson process, especially for the response of a lightly-damped oscillator toExpand
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Abstract A method of probabilistic analysis of three-dimensional limit equilibrium stability of long earth slopes is presented and its application to earth embankment design is discussed. The methodExpand
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Conditional Simulation of Spatially Correlated Earthquake Ground Motion
Methodology is presented for simulating properly correlated earthquake ground motions at an arbitrary set of closely spaced points, compatible with known or prescribed motions at other locations. TheExpand
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