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Appreciation to Journal of Mathematics Imaging and Vision Reviewers
Sadiq Abdulhussain Hanno Ackermann Jonas Adler Vaneet Aggarwal Gianluca Agresti Miguel Aleman Flores Tobias Alt Luis Alvarez Habib Ammari Eric Andres Vegard Antun Alexis Arnaudon Anaïs Badoual EgilExpand
Freedmen’s Bureau Agents and Black Civilian Informants in Texas, 1866-1868
Historians have often depicted the relationship between freed African Americans and Freedmen’s Bureau Agents as being a relationship where African Americans often depended on bureau agents forExpand
The role of oxytocin signaling in depression and suicidality in returning war veterans
Many war veterans struggle with depression and suicidality, and separation from the military is a time of particularly high risk. Based on research in non-human animals, we hypothesized that reducedExpand