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Universality of quantum gravity corrections.
We show that the existence of a minimum measurable length and the related generalized uncertainty principle (GUP), predicted by theories of quantum gravity, influence all quantum Hamiltonians. Thus,
A proposal for testing quantum gravity in the lab
Attempts to formulate a quantum theory of gravitation are collectively known as quantum gravity. Various approaches to quantum gravity such as string theory and loop quantum gravity, as well as black
Regular black holes with a nonlinear electrodynamics source
We construct several charged regular black hole metrics employing mass distribution functions which are inspired by continuous probability distributions. Some of these metrics satisfy the weak energy
Prospects for fundamental physics with LISA
In this paper, which is of programmatic rather than quantitative nature, we aim to further delineate and sharpen the future potential of the LISA mission in the area of fundamental physics. Given the
Phenomenological implications of the generalized uncertainty principle
Various theories of quantum gravity argue that near the Planck scale, the Heisenberg uncertainty principle should be replaced by the so called generalized uncertainty principle (GUP). We show that ...
Area spectrum of rotating black holes via the new interpretation of quasinormal modes
Motivated by the recent work on a new physical interpretation of quasinormal modes by Maggiore, we utilize this new proposal to the interesting case of Kerr black hole. In particular, by modifying