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Introducing the PCMC Model: An Investigative Framework for Young People's Processing of Commercialized Media Content
An integrated model of young people's persuasion processing, adopting a developmental perspective on adult persuasion models is introduced and how communication can predict persuasion processing is theorized, based on a limited capacity information processing approach. Expand
Sponsorship Disclosure: Effects of Duration on Persuasion Knowledge and Brand Responses
This study examined how sponsorship disclosure on television influences persuasion knowledge and brand responses (i.e., brand memory and brand attitude). Moreover, we tested whether extendingExpand
Brand placement prominence: good for memory! Bad for attitudes?
Two laws about the effects of brand placement on audience reactions are presented, one of which states that brand placement prominence has a positive effect on brand memory and another that can affect attitudes and behavior without memory of the placement. Expand
Effects of Prominence, Involvement, and Persuasion Knowledge on Children's Cognitive and Affective Responses to Advergames
Abstract The integrated and highly involving nature of advergames has led to criticism and concern among academics and caretakers. It is assumed that children are highly susceptible to persuasion viaExpand
Interactivity in brand web sites: cognitive, affective, and behavioral responses explained by consumers’ online flow experience
Web site interactivity creates numerous opportunities for marketers to persuade online consumers and receives extensive attention in the marketing literature. However, research on cognitive andExpand
The effects of interactive brand placements in online games on children's cognitive, affective, and conative brand responses
It was shown that there was a three-way interaction effect between exposure to the brand placement, age, and prior brand use for behavioral intentions, and the youngest girls who had no prior experience with the brand were more strongly influenced by theBrand placement. Expand
Effects of disclosing sponsored content in blogs how the use of resistance strategies mediates effects on persuasion
This article presents two studies examining the effects of disclosing online native advertising (i.e., sponsored content in blogs) on people’s brand attitude and purchase intentions. To investigateExpand
Today’s practice of brand placement and the industry behind it
Analysis of one week’s television programming showed that programmes with brand placement are growing into a significant part of Dutch television, and practitioner interviews showed that these brand-integrated programmes were considered as the future of advertising. Expand
Effects of sponsorship disclosure timing on the processing of sponsored content: a study on the effectiveness of European disclosure regulations
This study investigates whether the timing of sponsorship disclosure affects viewers’ processing of sponsored content, and whether a disclosure influences the persuasive effect of the sponsoredExpand
Try online before you buy: How does shopping with augmented reality affect brand responses and personal data disclosure
Augmented Reality enhances perceived informativeness and enjoyment of the shopping experience, as opposed to both non-AR product presentations, and is perceived as more intrusive, but against expectations, this does not lead to any negative effects. Expand