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Immediate feedback of HbA1c levels improves glycemic control in type 1 and insulin-treated type 2 diabetic patients.
OBJECTIVE Accurate and reliable HbA1c results can be obtained at the time of the office visit by using benchtop analyzers. We tested the hypothesis that immediately available HbA1c results couldExpand
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Steroid compounds from two pacific starfish of the genus Evasterias
Three new steroid glycosides (evasteriosides C, D, and E) along with six known compounds were isolated from two Pacific starfish of the genus Evasterias. Evasterioside C from E. retiferacollectedExpand
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Trofosides A and B and other cytostatic steroid-derived compounds from the far east starfish Trofodiscus über
Three new polar steroids identified as trofoside A, 20R,24S)-24-O-(3-O-methyl-β-D-xylopyranosyl)-3β,6α,8,15β,24-pentahydroxy-5α-cholestane, its 22(23)-dehydro derivative (trofoside B), andExpand
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Two New Steroidal Saponins, Hylodoside A and Novaeguinoside Y, from the Starfish Leptasterias Hylodes Reticulata and Culcita Novaeguineae (Juvenile)
New steroid glycosides, hylodoside A (1) and novaeguinoside Y (2), along with previously known polyhydroxylated steroids (3-7) were isolated from the ethanolic extracts of the starfish LeptasteriasExpand
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Steroid Compounds from the Far Eastern Starfish Diplopteraster multipes
Sodium salt of (20R)-3α,4β-dihydroxycholest-5-ene-21-yl sulfate and disodium salts of (20R)-4β-hydroxycholest-5-ene-3α,21-diyl disulfate, (20R)-24-methylcholest-5,24(28)-diene-3α,21-diyl disulfate,Expand
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Comparative study on polyhydroxylated steroids from echinoderms
Abstract Eight polar steroids were identified from nine species of ophiuroids. Seven polyhydroxylated steroids were isolated from the sea lily Heliometra glacialis maxima . The relationship betweenExpand
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Phrygiasterol, a cytotoxic cyclopropane-containing polyhydroxysteroid, and related compounds from the pacific starfish Hippasteria phrygiana.
The new cyclopropane-containing steroid phrygiasterol (1) and steroid glycoside phrygioside B (2), along with previously known borealoside C (2a) andExpand
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Steroid Compounds from Far Eastern Starfishes Henricia aspera and H. tumida
Six new natural compounds were isolated from two Far Eastern starfish species, Henricia aspera and H. tumida, collected in the Sea of Okhotsk. Two new glycosylated steroid polyols were obtained fromExpand
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Evasteriosides A and B and other sulfated steroids from the Pacific starfish Evasterias retifera
Two new polar steroidal glycosides identified as sodium (20R,22E,24R,25S)-3-O-(β-d-xylopyranosyl)-24-methyl-5α-cholest-22-ene-3β,6β,8,15α,26-pentol 26-sulfate (evasterioside A) and sodiumExpand
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