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Synthesis and biological activity of mono- and diamides of 2,3-secotriterpene acids
Amides of four types were synthesized derived from 2,3-seco-18αH-oleanane and 2,3-secolupane mono- and dicarboxylic acids. The spectrum of diamide derivatives was expanded with C3-C3′ and C28-C28′Expand
The synthesis of triterpenic amides on the basis of 2,3-seco-1-cyano-19β,28-epoxy-18α-oleane-3-oic acid
Novel 2,3-seco-triterpenic amides were prepared by the interaction of the chloride of 1-cyano-19β,28-epoxy-18α-oleane-3-oic acid with primary amines and synthetic and biogenic amino acids. AExpand
Synthesis and biological activity of amides of 28-methoxy-28-oxo-1-cyano-2,3-seco-lup-20(29)-en-3-oic acid
New A-seco-lupane C-3 amide conjugates were prepared by the reaction of 28-methoxy-28-oxo-1-cyano2,3-seco-lup-20(29)-en-3-oic acid chloride with primary amines and synthetic and natural amino acids.Expand
Synthesis and antiviral activity of C-3(C-28)-substituted 2,3-seco-triterpenoids
Amide conjugates with four structural types of β-amino alcohols were synthesized from 2,3-seco-18αH-oleananoic and 2,3-seco-lupane C-3(C-28) mono- and dicarboxylic acids. Esters were prepared byExpand
Addition of Cyanoethyl Groups to Ring a of Triterpenoids
The potential for cyanoethylation of ring A of triterpenoids and their A-seco derivatives prepared from allobetulone and methyl betulonate was investigated. Triterpenoids with a cyanoethyl moiety onExpand
Synthesis and immunotropic activity of methyl esters of 2-alkylaminomethylene-3-oxolup-20(29)-en-28-ic acids
New lupane β-enaminoketones were synthesized by interaction of methyl 2-hydroxymethylene-3-oxolup-20(29)-en-28-oate with aliphatic amines. Immunotropic activity was found for some of these compounds.
[Synthesis and biological activity of 2,3-secotriterpene acid mono- and diamides].
Four types of amide (C3; C28; C3-C28) conjugates based on 2,3-seco-18alphaH-oleanane and 2,3-secolupane mono- and dicarboxylic acids were synthesized. The range of diamide derivatives wasExpand
Ozonolysis of 18α-Oleanane triterpenoid with an alkenenitrile moiety in the five-membered ring A
Abstract A novel synthetic protocol of ozonolytic cleavage of 18α-oleanane triterpenoid with the five-membered α,β-alkenenitrile moiety dissolved in dichloromethane to selectively synthesize aExpand
Synthesis and evaluation of antiviral activities of triterpenic conjugates with 2-aminobutan-1-ol as potent microbicidal agents
The effect of the synthetic modifications of the triterpenic A ring on the level of antiviral activity of triterpenic C3, C28 amides with a residue of racemic, (S), or (R)-enantiomericExpand