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Orthodoxy and scepticism in the early Dutch Enlightenment
This chapter discusses the way in which Cartesianism was received among Dutch Calvinist divines in the early Enlightenment by focusing upon one particular issue which came to occupy a prominent placeExpand
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8 October 1958, D Day for the implantable pacemaker
AbstracAfter the introduction of temporary transcutaneous cardiac pacing by Paul Zoll in 1952, and of the temporary endocardial approach by Seymour Furman in the USA in 1958, the first definitiveExpand
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Journal impact factor: holy grail?
  • E. V. D. Wall
  • Medicine, Computer Science
  • Netherlands Heart Journal
  • 4 September 2012
The 2011 impact factor of the Netherlands Heart Journal is 207 citations divided by 144 articles; 207/144 = 1.438. Expand
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The stethoscope: celebration or cremation after 200 years?
The stethoscope is currently at the crossroads. For two centuries now, the stethoscope has been a central part of examining the thorax. Nevertheless, this omnipresent tool of the medical professionExpand
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Impact factors 2015; NHJ on the rise!
In June 2016, the impact factors for the year 2015 were released (Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Reports® JCR 2015, ISI Web of Knowledge). The 2015 impact factor of the Netherlands Heart JournalExpand
GENDER issues: media news value?
CV News Digest is a daily news briefing selected from thousands of media sources (including Wall Street Journal and New York Times). The mission of CV News Digest is to alert ACC members aboutExpand
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Religious Modernism in the Low Countries
The collection of essays in Religious Modernism in the Low Countries aims at instigating a comparative analysis of Protestant and Roman Catholic modernisms. The contributions make abundantly clearExpand
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