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An electric traction drive for electric vehicles
Problems of expanding the range of speed regulation in electric transport vehicles by replacing gear-shift transmission with a two-channel electric drive comprising two electric motors, each coupledExpand
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An electrical feed drive-control system for a cold reducing mill
Methods of control synthesis with the selection of parameters of the electrical-power equipment of a cold reducing mill using the example of the Chelyabinsk Pipe-Rolling Plant have been proposed. TheExpand
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A traction electric drive for electric cars
It is advisable to use a controlled electric drive in electric drives of electric off-road vehicles due to its significant multiplicity of the supported torque (5: 1 and higher) in a low-power mode.Expand
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Indirect determination of the displacement components in an electric motor drive
High technological process quality requires the use of deviation closed-loop systems and the formation of appropriate informational support for a control process. The article discusses two approachesExpand
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Dynamic parameters of active rectifiers
The optimum motion trajectory in electric drives of position mechanisms operating under extreme conditions is determined by several separate segments formed from a set of phase trajectories withExpand
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An Electric Drive for a Drilling Rig Top Drive System
The operation of a drilling rig top drive system (TDS) in drilling practice at a great depth or during the construction of a drill pipe stand in the case of failure of one of two motors is considered. Expand
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Compensation for the radial forces in an electric motor drive with a field-regulated reluctance machine
Ways to reduce radial loads on the bearings of electric machines with an electric traction drive are considered. An idea of compensation for radial loads is proposed, and a mathematical model of theExpand
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Optimization of function control action for the electric drive with field regulated reluctance machine
This paper presents optimization of function control action for the electric drive with field regulated reluctance machine (FRRM). The optimization problem formulates a spatial magnetomotive force ofExpand
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