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Effects of sward height and bulk density on bite dimensions of cattle grazing homogeneous swards
Effects of sward height and density on the dimensions and weights of bites taken by cattle were examined. In one experiment, swards of dallisgrass lamina were constructed by hand in a factorial
Decoupling of soil nutrient cycles as a function of aridity in global drylands
Any predicted increase in aridity with climate change will probably reduce the concentrations of N and C in global drylands, but increase that of P, suggesting the provision of key services provided by these ecosystems could be negatively affected.
Vegetation response to grazing management in a Mediterranean herbaceous community: a functional group approach
The persistence of the dominant species and the relatively small amplitude of change in plant cover of the functional groups suggest that the community was rather stable in spite of wide variation in grazing regimes and climatic conditions.
Soil Microbial Abundance and Diversity Along a Low Precipitation Gradient
It is indicated that although soil bacterial abundance decreases with precipitation, bacterial diversity is independent of precipitation gradient and community composition was found to be unique to each ecosystem.
Energy cost of activities and locomotion of grazing cows: a repeated study in larger plots.
Estimated cost coefficients of standing, grazing, and horizontal locomotion derived from animals on relatively larger plots were similar to those of the previous study based on data from smaller plots, but the energy costs of walking idle and of vertical locomotion were greater in the present study than in the previous one.
Energy cost of cows' grazing activity: Use of the heart rate method and the Global Positioning System for direct field estimation.
The experimental and statistical approach tested here yielded fairly reliable estimations of energy costs of activities in grazing cows, which agree with values obtained for animals and humans by means of a treadmill.
Inference of Animal Activity From GPS Collar Data on Free-Ranging Cattle
It is found that distance alone is a poor indicator of animal activity, but grazing, traveling, and resting activities of free-ranging cattle can be inferred with reasonable accuracy from data provided by Lotek GPS collars.