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Nutritional and phytogeriatological studies of three varieties of Gnetum africanum ('afang')
Three varieties of Gnetum africanum viz. the Asutan, Oron and Ikom, commonly consumed in the Southern parts of Nigeria, were assayed for their proximate nutritional composition and fibreExpand
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Antiplasmodial and antidiabetic activities of ethanolic leaf extract of Heinsia crinata.
The ethanolic leaf extract of Heinsia crinata, grown particularly for the leaf in Niger Delta region of Nigeria, was evaluated for antiplasmodial activity in Plasmodium berghei-infected mice as wellExpand
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Activity of Alkaloid Extract of Carica papaya. Seeds on Reproductive Functions in Male Wistar Rats
ABSTRACT Activity of the alkaloid extract of Carica papaya. Linn seed on male reproductive physiology was investigated. Male rats were divided into two groups. Each group of 20 male rats was furtherExpand
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Antiulcerogenic activity of ethanolic leaf extract of Lasianthera africana.
The effect of ethanolic leaf extract of Lasianthera africana on experimentally induced ulcer was studied in rats. The extract (1000 - 3000mg/kg) inhibited ethanol-induced, indomethacin - induced andExpand
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Hepatoprotective activity of the extract of Homalium letestui stem against paracetamol-induced liver injury
Objective: H omalium letestui Pellegr (Flacourtiaceae) has been traditionally used by the Ibibios of Southern Nigeria to treat stomach ulcer, malaria and other inflammatory diseases and Yorubas ofExpand
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Antidiabetic activities of ethanolic leaf extract of Panicum maximum used in folkloric management of diabetes.The ethanolic leaf extract of ethanolic leaf extract of Panicum maximum (47 ? 190mg/kg)Expand
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Antidiabetic and Hypolipidemic Activities of Ethanolic Root Extract of Croton zambesicus on Alloxan Induced Diabetic Rats
Objective: The objective of this study was to evaluate the antidiabetic and hypolipidaemic activity of ethanolic root extract of Croton zambesicus in rats to ascertain its ethnomedical uses.Expand
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Hepatoprotective Properties of Ethanol Seed Extract of Citrus paradisi Macfad (Grape Fruit) Against Paracetamol-Induced Hepatotoxicity in Wistar Rats
Background & Aim:The human body has the liver as one of its largest organs. It serves as the major site for metabolism and excretion. Injury to the liver or impairment of its functions may complicateExpand
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