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The Masque of Femininity: The Presentation of Woman in Everyday Life
Introduction Fatal Seductions 'And God Created Woman' Masking the Self 'The Lady is a Fake' The Gender of the Spectacle The Beauty Myth The Princess is a Frog The Beauty Masque of Death Postmodernism
Masquerade and Identities: Essays on Gender, Sexuality and Marginality
Masquerade, both literal and metaphorical, is now a central concept on many disciplines. This timely volume explores and revisits the role of disguise in constructing, expressing and representing
Making Sense of scientific claims in advertising. A study of scientifically aware consumers
The study found that scientific arguments that were congruent with existing health knowledge tended to be accepted while pseudoscientific knowledge was regarded skeptically and concerns were raised over the accuracy and believability of the pseudoscienceific claims.
Fashion and the signification of social order
Throughout European history dress has divided people along class lines. That dress is a symbolic form of status is accepted by costume historians and sociologists alike (e.g. Bell 1976 [194 ; König
The Little Mermaid: an icon of woman's condition in patriarchy, and the human condition of castration.
  • E. Tseëlon
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    The International journal of psycho-analysis
  • 1 October 1995
It is argued that by simplifying and externalising internal complex conflicts in the Andersen story, Disney's version reduces the myth to a fairy tale, and reproduces the ideology of romantic love.