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Inverse scattering on the line
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Inverse spectral theory
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The inverse problem for periodic potentials
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Hill’s Operator and Hyperelliptic Function Theory in the Presence of Infinitely Many Branch Points
\(C_{1}^{k},\,k \leq \infty \), is the class of k times continuously differentiable real-valued functions of period 1. Q denotes the Hill’s operator − d2∕dx2 + q(x) with a fixed q of classExpand
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Semi-classical asymptotics in solid state physics
This article studies the Schrödinger equation for an electron in a lattice of ions with an external magnetic field. In a suitable physical scaling the ionic potential becomes rapidly oscillating, andExpand
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The geometry of algebraic Fermi curves
The periodic Schrodinger operator and electrons in a crystal preliminaries one dimensional algebraic bloch varieties compactification and consequences the potential zero separable bloch varietiesExpand
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The structure of optimal consumption streams in general incomplete markets
We prove that for any incomplete market and any concave utility function the marginal propensities to consume and to save are always positive. Furthermore, we introduce a class of incomplete marketsExpand
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The inverse Sturm–Liouville problem. II
Soit q=(α,β,q)∈(0,π) 2 ×L R 2 [0,1]. Le probleme de Sturm-Liouville −y''+q(x)y=λy, 0≤x≤1, y(0) cos α+y'(0) sin α=0; y(1) cos β+y(1) sin β=0, a un spectre discret de valeurs propres simples ν 0 (q)<νExpand
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