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Zur Temperatur der Sonnenkorona
In connection with the problem of the temperature of the solar corona the energy loss of the electrons due to free-free, free-bound, and bound-bound radiation is discussed and calculated. It is shownExpand
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Ionisationsquerschnitt von OV gegenüber Elektronenstoß unter teilweiser Berücksichtigung des Austauschs
The ionization cross-section of highly ionized oxygen, O4+, is calculated according to the “distorted-wave” method. Exchange between the scattered and the ejected electron is taken into account asExpand
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Oscillator strengths of some Ba lines, calculated in MCHF approximation
Several states of neutral Ba were calculated in the non-relativistic multi-configuration Hartree Fock approximation. Energies and mixing parameters were found. Oscillator strengths for dipoleExpand
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Autoionisation versus radiative decay of resonances in electron impact excitation cross sections
As shown by Pradhan (1981) the contribution of resonances to electron impact excitation cross sections may be reduced drastically by radiative decay of the resonance. It is shown here that thisExpand
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Wave functions and oscillator strengths of Be-like ions (Be I, C III, N IV, O V)
Abstract Several excited states of Be-like ions (Be I, C III, N IV, O V) are calculated by the Roothaan version of the Hartree-Fock method, namely 2 s 2 1 S , 2 s 2 p 1,3 P , 2 s 3 s 3 S , 2 s 3 pExpand
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Excitation of C II lines by photoionization of neutral carbon
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Semiempirical potentials for some atomic cores: C+4, N+5, O+6, Mg+2, Al+3, Si+4, Ca+2, Ba+2
Abstract Coefficients are given for some semiempirical atomic core potentials which yield correct eigenvalues for the lowest states of the corresponding 1-electron spectra (C IV, N V, O VI, Mg II, AlExpand
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Electron Collisional Excitation of S XII
Atomic data have been obtained for the coronal ion S XII using the UCL program codes. Energy levels and radiative transition probabilities have been computed with different target descriptionsExpand
Memorandums on the Subject of Joukowski Wings
In the first article, in connection with a lecture on the hydrodynamic basis of flight and the potential flow about a Joukowski wing, the pressure distribution on several wings is computed andExpand