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Osteichthyes (pesci ossei)
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Atlante dei Pesci Delle Coste Italiane
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The trouts of Asiatic Turkey
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Distribution and Ecology of Endemic Elements in the Mediterranean Fauna (Fishes and Echinoderms)
The endemic part of a fauna deserves particular attention not only for discussions of biogeographical problems but also in connection with the ecosystems occurring in the area. As far as theExpand
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The Main Biogeographical Features and Problems of the Mediterranean Fish Fauna
Strictly considered, omitting the adjacent part of the Atlantic Ocean and the Black Sea, the Mediterranean fish fauna comprises about 550 species. Although long known, these fishes need furtherExpand
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Researches on the Coast of Somalia. Littoral Echinodermata
SUMMARYAs a contribution to the study of the marine fauna of Somalia, which is still poorly known, 59 species of littoral Echinoderms are reported. They were recently collected in four localitiesExpand
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Biological Investigations in the Aegean Sea
AS is well known, the eastern Mediterranean has been far less biologically explored than the western. It was therefore a very welcome occasion to spend several months (1943) in the Island of RhodesExpand
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