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A Preisach model for accommodation
A statistical interpretation of the Preisach model led to the moving model that relaxed the congruency property and to the complete moving hysteresis model (CMH) which included a state-dependentExpand
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Preisach modeling and reversible magnetization
Methods of dealing with reversible magnetization in the context of Preisach modeling are examined. A generalization of the vector product model which includes reversible effects, as well as the usualExpand
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Vector modeling—Part I: Generalized hysteresis model
A general model for vector hysteresis is presented. We will show that the model is in agreement with the required thermodynamical properties and with the macroscopic properties observed in the realExpand
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Parameter identification of the complete-moving-hysteresis model using major loop data
The complete-moving-hysteresis (CMH) model computes both the reversible and the irreversible components of the magnetization and the relationship between these components. An important questionExpand
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Effect of interaction on the magnetization of single-domain particles
A model is proposed to permit the calculation of the remanence in a magnetic tape that is subject to various magnetizing processes. A combination of a regenerative local field and the PreisachExpand
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Theoretical aspects of demagnetization tensors
A magnetometric demagnetization tensor is defined for uniformly-magnetized samples of arbitrary geometry. It is shown that this is a real symmetric tensor with non-negative diagonal elements and unitExpand
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Demagnetized‐state dependence of Henkel plots. I. The Preisach model
The interpretation of interaction through Henkel plots and Δm plots has become popular in recent years; however, the demagnetized state is often not specified. In this paper, the demagnetized stateExpand
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Analysis of room temperature magnetic regenerative refrigeration
Results of a room temperature magnetic refrigeration test bed and an analysis using a computational model are presented. A detailed demonstration of the four sequential processes in the transientExpand
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Migrating mesh micromagnetic model
The concept of performing micromagnetic calculations is suggested in which some of the calculation points are repositioned according to energy considerations. In this way the stiffness of the problemExpand
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Reversible magnetization and Lorentzian function approximation
The paper proposes the use of a Lorentzian function to describe the irreversible component of the magnetization of soft materials with hysteresis using the Everett’s integral. We will derive anExpand
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