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Oil industry, wild meat trade and roads: indirect effects of oil extraction activities in a protected area in north-eastern Ecuador
Starting in 1994, a wholesale wild meat market developed in north-eastern Ecuador, involving Waorani and Kichwa people in the area of influence of a road built to facilitate oil extraction withinExpand
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Catastrophic Population Declines and Extinctions in Neotropical Harlequin Frogs (Bufonidae: Atelopus)1
We surveyed the population status of the Neotropical toad genus Atelopus, and document recent catastrophic declines that are more severe than previously reported for any amphibian genus. Of 113Expand
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Systematics of the Osteocephalus buckleyi species complex (Anura, Hylidae) from Ecuador and Peru
Abstract We present a new phylogeny, based on DNA sequences of mitochondrial and nuclear genes, for frogs of the genus Osteocephalus with emphasis in the Osteocephalus buckleyi species complex.Expand
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Molecular phylogenetics of stream treefrogs of the Hyloscirtus larinopygion group (Anura: Hylidae), and description of two new species from Ecuador
We review the systematics of frogs of the Hyloscirtus larinopygion group. A new phylogenetic tree inferred frommitochondrial DNA (partial sequences of 12S rRNA, valine-tRNA, and 16S rRNA genes; ~2.3Expand
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Taxonomic revision and phylogenetic position of Osteocephalus festae (Anura, Hylidae) with description of its larva
Abstract Osteocephalus festae is an Amazonian species recently resurrected from a synonymy with Osteocephalus buckleyi. Because few specimens are known, its morphological variation, diagnosticExpand
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A new species of Engystomops (Anura: Leiuperidae) from southwestern Ecuador
We describe Engystomops puyango sp. nov. from the lowlands of southwestern Ecuador. The new species is closely related to E. pustulatus from which it differs in skin texture, advertisement call, andExpand
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Amphibia, Hylidae, Osteocephalus cabrerai Cochran and Goin, 1970: first confirmed records from Ecuador with distribution map
We provide the first confirmed report of Osteocephalus cabrerai (Cochran and Goin 1970) from Amazonian Ecuador. Two previous reports actually correspond to O. buckleyi .
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