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Sound exposure among the Finnish National Opera personnel.
The purpose of the study was to determine how and when the personnel of the Finnish National Opera are exposed to noise and whether exposure depends on musical selection of repertoire. Additionally,Expand
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The effect of different noise types on the speech and non-speech elicited mismatch negativity
The effect of different types of real-life noise on the central auditory processing of speech and non-speech sounds was evaluated by the means of mismatch negativity and behavioral responses.Expand
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Hand-arm vibration syndrome with use of anti-vibration chain saws: 19-year follow-up study of forestry workers
Objectives: Hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) consists of vascular and neurological component. Musculoskeletal component has not been delineated yet. In the present follow-up study, we evaluated theExpand
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Daytime Changes in Postural Stability and Repeatability of Posturographic Measurements
Objective: Daytime sleepiness correlates with sleep-related accidents, but convenient tests for occupational sleepiness monitoring are scarce. The effect of daytime on balance, on posturographicExpand
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Hearing loss among classical-orchestra musicians.
This study intended to evaluate classical musicians' risk of hearing loss. We studied 63 musicians from four Helsinki classical orchestras. We measured their hearing loss with an audiometer, foundExpand
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Distribution of lipid nanocapsules in different cochlear cell populations after round window membrane permeation.
Hearing loss is a major public health problem, and its treatment with traditional therapy strategies is often unsuccessful due to limited drug access deep in the temporal bone. MultifunctionalExpand
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Vibration induced hearing loss in guinea pig cochlea: expression of TNF-α and VEGF
Abstract Transcranial vibration was applied for seven animals at a frequency of 250 Hz for 15 min, and five animals were used as normal controls to investigate cellular and molecular mechanism linkedExpand
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A multicenter study on the audiometric findings of styrene-exposed workers
Abstract Objective: The objective of this study was to evaluate hearing loss among workers exposed to styrene, alone or with noise. Design: This cross-sectional study was conducted as part ofExpand
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Evaluating sleepiness using force platform posturography
We have investigated the feasibility to use posturography as a method to estimate sleep deprivation. Expand
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Communication between the Perilymphatic Scalae and Spiral Ligament Visualized by in vivo MRI
We evaluated the transport of Gadolinium-diethylenetriaminepentaacetate-bismethylamide (Gd-DTPA-BMA) through the round window (RW) membrane into the perilymphatic space with 4.7-T MRI in an animalExpand
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