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Peasant Revolts in Late Roman Gaul and Spain
the Western Roman Empire, but not all of them have allowed sufficient importance to the prolonged series of revolts which broke out in late Roman times in the countryside of Gaul and Spain, as wellExpand
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Trust is the Coin of the Realm: Lessons from the Money Men in Afghanistan
Following a new US administration entering office, and revision of strategies for international support to Afghanistan, this book fills an urgent gap in the debate on how to make a 'bottom-up'Expand
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Zosimus on the End of Roman Britain
When we study the end of the Roman occupation of Britain we tend to glue our eyes so closely to the nnumismatical and archaeological evidence that there seems to be some danger of giving the literaryExpand
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Gildas and the History of Britain
I shall assume that Gildas wrote towards the middle of the sixth century and that he composed the De Excidio much as Mommsen printed it. I shall also assume that, apart from the works of St Patrick,Expand
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Procopius on Brittia and Britannia
Procopius, Bell. Goth . 8.20 (pp. 589 ff., ed. Haury), gives us information about Britain which is of the first importance, but I have not seen a convincing interpretation of what he says. Since theExpand
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Olympiodorus of Thebes
I t is customary to consider late Imperial historiography as a barren waste of meagre and inaccurate chronicles and incompetent rhetorical epitomes, all overshadowed by the giant figure of AmmianusExpand
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Britain, A.D. 406–410
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Saint Germanus of Auxerre and the End of Roman Britain
The 'Life of St Germanus', by Constantius of Lyon, is a contemporary account of a fifth-century bishop of Auxerre, who on two occasions came to Britain. In view of the scarcity of texts which giveExpand
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