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The Accumulation of Cadmium by the Yellow Pond Lily, Nuphar variegatum, in Ontario Peatlands
The results indicate that the leaves of Nuphar found in peatlands of low pH, low alkalinity, and low DOC, and the petioles of Nu phlox are more susceptible to accumulating potentially toxic levels of Cd. Expand
Trade Relations between the Maya Highlands and Lowlands
It is not easy to draw the boundary between highlands and lowlands. In this paper it is primarily based on linguistic grounds. The area inhabited in the sixteenth century by Yucatec, Palencano andExpand
The ‘Children of the Sun’ and Central America
The theory that American aboriginal civilization was derived from south-east Asia and indirectly from Egypt has received such wide publicity that it is no longer possible to dismiss it lvithoutExpand
Allucinatory Drugs and Hobgoblins in the Maya Lowlands
No es seguro que haya existido el culto de los hongos alucinantes en la Peninsula Yucateca en la epoca precolombina. Si existio, probablemente la droga era importada, importacion que debe haberExpand
Turkish Influence in the South Caucasus and Levant: The Consequences for NATO and the EU
Abstract : This thesis examines Turkey's growth as a power under the Justice and Development Party (Adalet ve Kalkinma Partisi; AKP) government, and the implications for European institutions. InExpand