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Effect of sleep deprivation on the performance of simulated laparoscopic surgical skill.
Call-associated sleep deprivation and fatigue are associated with increased technical errors in the performance of simulated laparoscopic surgical skills in the MIST VR surgical simulator. Expand
Role of laparoscopy in the evaluation of abdominal trauma.
There are areas within the abdominal cavity that cannot be accurately visualized with laparoscopy, and the evaluation of penetration of the peritoneal cavity from anterior penetrating injury appears to be accurate; a number of injuries were not identified. Expand
Carotid Artery Injuries Caused by Blunt Trauma
It is suggested that repair is safe and effective in patients with carotid injuries in whom prograde flow continues and only mild neurologic deficits are present, and patients with complete occlusion, severe neurologic problems, and altered consciousness are not likely to be helped by attempts at revascularization. Expand
The validity of normal arteriography in penetrating trauma.
Arteriography is sufficiency sensitive to exclude the presence of arterial injury in patients with equivocal clinical signs of injury and any arteriographic abnormality are indications for operative exploration. Expand
Evaluation of Antibiotic Therapy Following Penetrating Abdominal Trauma
It is indicated that cefoxitin is comparable to the combination of clindamycin/tobramycin and superior to cefamandole when used before surgery in patients sustaining penetrating abdominal trauma and suggests that antibiotic coverage should be against aerobes and anaerobes. Expand
Abdominal surgical wound infection is lowered with improved perioperative enterococcus and bacteroides therapy.
Use of ampicillin/sulbactam results in a significantly lower SWI rate than use of cefoxitin, which may be a result of improved enterococcal and Bacteroides coverage. Expand
Management of Arterial Injuries
Hemodynamic effects of Medical Anti-Shock Trousers (MAST garment).
The MAST garment acts as a local, effective, nonpharmacologic vasoconstrictor and should be used when such an effect is clinically appropriate and why the trousers should not be used if one wishes to avoid increasing afterload. Expand
Evaluation of peritoneal lavage and local exploration in lower chest and abdominal stab wounds.
  • E. Thal
  • Medicine
  • The Journal of trauma
  • 1 August 1977
It is concluded that the combination of local exploration and peritoneal lavage will increase diagnostic accuracy, eliminate unnecessary hospitalization, and reduce the number of negative laparotomies. Expand
Assessment of proximity of a wound to major vascular structures as an indication for arteriography.
The use of angiography to evaluate penetrating extremity wounds with proximity to major vascular structures remains controversial and it is difficult to abandon exclusion arteriography based on these retrospective data, but better criteria to define proximity need to be identified. Expand