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Karl ernst von Baer's 'Uber Entwickelungsgeschichte der Thiere II' and its unpublished drawings.
The main objective is to show that technical problems in illustrating and conceptual difficulties impeded von Baer's ambitious research program of comparative embryology.
Alexander von Middendorff and his expedition to Siberia (1842–1845)
ABSTRACT Alexander Theodor von Middendorff's name is closely associated with the exploration of Siberia and research on the natural history of the Russian Arctic. Yet it is surprising that, in the
The contributions of Karl Ernst von Baer to the investigation of the physical geography of the Arctic in the 1830s–40s
Abstract Although more widely known as the founder of modern embryology, Karl Ernst von Baer played a special role in the investigation of the physical geography of the Russian Empire in the
Hypothesis Versus Fact: August Petermann and Polar Research
The history of polar exploration has witnessed several conceptions of the climate, presence of lands, conditions of ice, and currents in the Arctic Ocean that were hypothetical or based on scarce
Historical Geography of Estonian Cattle Breeds
The cattle breeds that have been exploited in European countries have evolved through centuries. The characteristics of specific breeds have been determined by their habitation, i.e. by the
The First Experiments on Ascidian and Sea Urchin Eggs Fertilization
In 1845 Karl Ernst von Baer made the first experiments on artificial fertilization of ascidian and sea urchin eggs in Cornigliano near Genoa (Italy), and his observations led to the conclusion that all nuclei of larval and adult tissues are derived from the nucleus of the fertilized egg.