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An Introduction to the Theory of Numbers
THIS book must be welcomed most warmly into X the select class of Oxford books on pure mathematics which have reached a second edition. It obviously appeals to a large class of mathematical readers.Expand
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The Stereographic Projection
F. W. SOHON, S.J., director of the Seismological Observatory of Georgetown University, has written a very valuable book. This is a method of representing a solid body (usually figures on the surfaceExpand
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Medical News
Remarks by the Health. Officer of Calcutta.?The death-rate, 40 '7 per 1,000 of population, is still high, though it shows great reduction on that of the previous month, which was 52'5. This reductionExpand
Kleine Erdbebenkunde
THIS admirable little book contains a large amount of information in a small space and, although succinct, is eminently readable. The nine chapters include such topics as macroseismic effects, theExpand
A Course of Pure Mathematics
THE seventh edition of this famous text-book, first published in 1908, has now appeared. It has been revised and reset. The Cambridge Press mathematical printing is better than ever, the spacing andExpand