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Brussel, internationale stad. Synthesenota, SGB nr. 13
Vaststellingen Vijf kenmerken wijzen op het belang van de internationalisering voor Brussel. De internationale “verbondenheid” Brussel is een zeer “verbonden” (connected) stad, gesitueerd in het hartExpand
La production de modernités urbaines « glocales » : explorant les failles dans le miroir
Cities are —and have always been— highly differentiated spaces expressive of heterogeneity, diversity of activity, excitement, and pleasure. They are arenas for the pursuit of un-oppressed activitiesExpand
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Modernité et hybridité Nature, « regeneracionismo » et la production du paysage aquatique espagnol. 1890-1930
Spain is arguably the European country where the water crisis has become most acute in recent years. The political and ecological importance of water is not, however, only a recent development inExpand
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