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Tunnel diode oscillator applied as sensor-modulator for telemetry of temperature in human beings and animals
  • L. Villamar, E. Suaste
  • Materials Science
  • Proceedings of the 25th Annual International…
  • 17 September 2003
The purpose of this study was to use the tunnel diode in order to evaluate objectively the temperature in human beings and animals based on the region of negative resistance of the tunnel diode, weExpand
High Velocity Videoculography to Determination of the Pupil Dynamics
The characterization and determination of the dynamics pupillary in normal subjects, we can help to more accurately determine the behavior of the pupil; the videoculography is a tool that allows usExpand
Video-oculography For Measurement Of Torsional Nystagmus
Photopyroelectric Microscopy of Plant Leaves
The use of photothermal microscopy to obtain superficial and in-depth images, by means of the interaction of a thermal wave with the analyzed material, has reached great interest due to its numerousExpand
Automated clinical perimeter-based TV pupillometer
An apparatus which can be used to measure the central and peripheric visual fields of humans is described, which minimizes technician mistakes or subjective responses of the patient. Expand
Virtual environments for clinical analysis, visualization and simulation of congenital nystagmus
We present a new method for analysis, visualization and simulation of congenital nystagmus, using our own bioinstrumentation equipments, opto-oculograph (OOG) and video-oculograph (VOG). We usedExpand
Pupillary response quantification with an image-processing system in clinical perimetry
A new technique to quantify the pupillary responses with an image-processing system during visual field examination in routine ophthalmological practice is presented with the purpose to obtain automatic and objective determinations of the visual field. Expand
Automated clinical perimeter-based fiber optics target
With the development of an Automated Perimeter-based TV Pupillometer, it is possible to reduce the human mistakes during test, and to obtain a result computerized register, and a quantitative, objective visual fields test is achieved. Expand