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The Global Decline of Nonmarine Mollusks
Abstract Invertebrate species represent more than 99% of animal diversity; however, they receive much less publicity and attract disproportionately minor research effort relative to vertebrates.Expand
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Global diversity of gastropods (Gastropoda; Mollusca) in freshwater
The world’s gastropod fauna from continental waters comprises ∼4,000 valid described species and a minimum of 33–38 independent lineages of Recent Neritimorpha, Caenogastropoda and HeterobranchiaExpand
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Revised Classification, Nomenclator and Typification of Gastropod and Monoplacophoran Families
ABSTRACT 2,604 names at the rank of subtribe, tribe, subfamily, family and superfamily have been proposed for Recent and fossil gastropods, and another 35 for monoplacophorans. All names are listedExpand
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Character Coding and Inapplicable Data
Inapplicable character states occur when character complexes are absent or reduced in some of the taxa. Expand
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Conservation Status of Freshwater Gastropods of Canada and the United States
ABSTRACT This is the first American Fisheries Society conservation assessment of freshwater gastropods (snails) from Canada and the United States by the Gastropod Subcommittee (Endangered SpeciesExpand
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Comparing apples with apples: clarifying the identities of two highly invasive Neotropical Ampullariidae (Caenogastropoda)
Ampullariidae comprises two lineages of freshwater gastropods: one Old World and one New World. Recent molecular work confirmed the monophyly of the family and began to clarify generic relationships,Expand
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Investigating the Bivalve Tree of Life – an exemplar-based approach combining molecular and novel morphological characters
Abstract. To re-evaluate the relationships of the major bivalve lineages, we amassed detailed morpho-anatomical, ultrastructural and molecular sequence data for a targeted selection of exemplarExpand
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Refining molluscan characters: morphology, character coding and a phylogeny of the Caenogastropoda
Midgut morphology of gastropod molluscs has been underutilized as a resource of characters for phylogenetic analysis. The exclusion of these features reflects the inference that they will beExpand
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Insights from an Integrated View of the Biology of Apple Snails (Caenogastropoda: Ampullariidae)
ABSTRACT Apple snails (Ampullariidae) are among the largest and most ecologically important freshwater snails. The introduction of multiple species has reinvigorated the field and spurred aExpand
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Rubyspira, New Genus and Two New Species of Bone-Eating Deep-Sea Snails With Ancient Habits
Rubyspira, a new genus of deep-sea snails (Gastropoda: Abyssochrysoidea) with two living species, derives its nutrition from decomposing whalebones. Molecular phylogenetic and morphological evidenceExpand
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